Monday 12 February 2024

Fat Tuesday


Hastings Fat Tuesday has come around once more - an opportunity to roam around Hastings Old Town pubs watching bands and musicians playing 20 minute sets for free, including some rising local stars such as Borough Council and Office for Personal Development. I'm also hoping to check out The Veltmans, Black Limes, and Creature Creature. Apparently quite a few people are travelling some distance especially for this increasingly popular festival. See here.

Tuesday 6 February 2024

David McGillivray Talk in London


Another event for the diary. If you are in London on the evening of Friday 22 March why not visit Westminster Music Library where David McGillivray will be talking about his varied life in the British film and entertainment industry as a performer, writer and critic. Probably not suitable for children. 

It's FREE and starts at 6.15

I shall be doing the introduction and Q&A.

Now I must finally get round to watching House of Whipcord.


Thursday 25 January 2024

Films and Filming on Radio 4


A reminder that the episode of the Radio 4 documentary series History on the Edge with Anita Anand about Films and Filming was repeated this week and is available on BBC Sounds for a while. I put in a brief appearance showing Anita and David McGillivray old copies of the magazine. 

Teddy Boys

If you're in Hastings on Thursday 15th February musician and writer Max Decharne will be talking about his latest book on Teddy Boys at Hastings Bookshop. I shall be 'in conversation' asking some pertinent  questions (especially as I know very little about Teddy Boy culture) at this FREE event. 

Sunday 14 January 2024

January 2024


Happy New Year!

This year I'm hoping to bring out the book I've been working on since the COVID lockdown and a period of illness. I am aiming at publishing it at some point in the late spring/early summer if possible.

In the meantime I really must post more often. To counteract the post-Christmas torpidity, some things that have caught my attention recently:

It's a pity I missed out on buying this 'cursed' painting that was on sale in a charity shop in St Leonards and has since been bringing 'bad luck' to its owners. Now on display at the London Bridge Experience. I wrote a blog entry about a couple of other 'cursed' works here

Some recent reading has included John Szwed's fascinating biography of collector, film maker, occultist and eccentric Harry Smith Cosmic Scholar. Responsible for compiling the hugely influential Anthology of American Folk Music, Smith's animated films are well worth viewing on You Tube - an obvious influence on Terry Gilliam. There's one here

Also Alex Ross The Rest is Noise, a book about 20th century Western music I've been meaning to read for years. It's a big book on a thorny topic, but I'm gradually making my way through, listening to the music described online while reading. I'm having to write about 20th century music in the new book, so, as a non-musicologist, I'm looking for ways of approaching the subject.

I seem to be increasingly divorced from contemporary culture, so I won't be giving a list of my favourite music or films of 2023 as I've barely seen or heard any. There's so much stuff from the past to catch up with! I'll just say that I've enjoyed finally getting the chance to view the early films of Jean Rollin which have been released on Blu-ray over the last few months. I like the oneiric Surrealistic qualities of his vampiric visions. 

Monday 30 October 2023

November and December


I must post here more often. 

I am really hoping to finish the writing of my new book before Christmas to be out by the spring. 

Upcoming Events

Friday 17 November King's Road talk by Max Decharne see here. FREE

Thursday 9 November Stereolab Black Box Hastings

Saturday 2 December The Blue Orchids The Piper St Leonards on Sea here

Parc Asterix 26 October 2023


Netherwood at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery


To Hastings Art Gallery and Museum on 12 October to attend a stimulating and uplifting event by Stephen Ellcock in conversation with Zoe Gilbert about his latest book Underworlds I noticed in the room next door a display about Hastings resident Aleister Crowley, including a copy of Netherwood (first edition). I asked one of the gallery assistants about it as I'd never seen it on previous visits and they told me they bring it out for Halloween!

Photographs above taken by me that night.

Tuesday 3 October 2023

Rescheduled King's Road Talk

The talk by Max Decharne on the cultural history of Chelsea's King's Road has been rescheduled for Friday 17th November. I shall be the host at Westminster Music Library, off Leicester Square.

It's FREE but best to reserve a ticket through Eventbrite here

Monday 24 July 2023

Future Events and Appearances


An event and a radio show in the next month or so.

I shall be hosting a FREE talk by the wonderful Max Decharne on the evening of 8 September at Westminster Reference Library. He has recently revised and added to his book on the history and culture of the King's Road, which will be the subject of the event.


Probably best to book in advance through Eventbrite.

Also a recent interview I did for a radio documentary, together with the always-entertaining David McGillivray hosted by Radio 4's reporter, writer and Any Answers presenter Anita Anand about the 'queering' of the magazine Films and Filming. Fascinating stuff. 

It's for a radio series called History on the Edge produced by Sara Parker on Radio 4. The first programme was on this morning (Monday 24 July) at 11.00am. I think the Films and Filming episode will probably be the third on 7 August, although it hasn't yet been listed on the website. See here.