Wednesday, 30 November 2016

49 George Street, Hastings

The more I find out about Hastings the stranger the town becomes.  Lord Tiverton who, like his friend Screaming Lord Sutch, seems to have invented his title - in fact he was Derek Howell, health food millionaire - lived in the Old Town and died in October 1999.  According to the Evening Argus:

'The short route from Tiver's home above a shop in the historic Old Town of Hastings to the nearby St Clement's Church was packed with those eager to pay their last respects.  A jazz band led the hearse, followed by a lively procession of mourners including members of the Monster Raving Loony Party of which Tivers was appointed chairman shortly before his death.  Sadly he never heard the good news.'

He lived at 49 George Street, which, according to an article I found online, was decorated in an eccentric style.  Unfortunately, I've been unable to find any images online of the interior, so the imagination will have to serve.  Above, a general picture of the north side of George Street where the house is located.  

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Jenny Woolf said...

I am always sorry when eccentric interiors and also eccentric gardens are not recorded. Even if they don't exist any more I love to look at them.