Sunday, 28 April 2013

Flurry of Activity

Thursday night to the Corsica Studios in Elephant and Castle to see Guapo.  Previously unknown to me, I was very impressed: 3 intense pieces in about an hour, all instrumental, echoes of King Crimson c.1973/4 and Sonic Youth - very glad I went.  The auguries were good when the first person I saw in the audience as I walked in was Daevid Allen.  Thank you Haunted Shoreline for recommending them.

Friday to The Carlisle pub in Hastings for The Pretty Things.  With two original members Phil May and Dick Taylor (surely the most ancient-looking guitarist in a long-serving rock band, but still capable of rocking out) - highlight for me was the songs from Sf Sorrow, the blues interlude still couldn't illuminate the blind spot I have for this music - rollicking finish after about two hours - very enthusiastic crowd.  It's a bit sad that such a venerable group are still playing pubs, although obviously it's great from the fans' point of view.  Previous time I saw them they had Arthur Brown narrating and David Gilmour on guitar at a special show of Sf Sorrow - Soft Boys supporting.  Also got a signed copy of the latest version of Sf Sorrow on Friday.

Saturday Weekend Otherworld at Goldsmiths was interesting if very tiring - I really struggled to stay awake on the train back.  Also noted how little the yoof in that area had changed since my last visit: still full of very drunk, lairy, short-haired men looking for trouble.  By way of contrast went to Rye today to see Nigel Ogden play the famous Rye Wurlitzer - if you've never heard his show The Organist Entertains you've missed a peculiar treat.

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