Thursday, 14 April 2016

Borley Visit 4/04/2016

Last week, while staying at Clare, we visited Borley one evening at around six.  The church is rarely open, this being due to the work of vandals, which can also be seen in the damaged monuments in the churchyard.  Ever since the first newspaper reports in 1929 the village has been the target of thousands of sightseers - coach tours from Colchester were organised in the early years.  The number of unwanted visitors combined with the lack of basic facilities was one of the main reasons for the Smiths quitting the building.

I took a few photographs, above are Borley Place, the farmhouse behind which the rectory once stood and an atmospheric shot of the church including a ghost, or could it be wood smoke from a fire behind the hedge that we saw when we parked?  Just before we were about to drive off an old and possibly blind rabbit came and stood right beside us and wouldn't budge.  Earlier, in the churchyard we noticed a pair of secateurs swinging ominously on the railings surrounding a tomb.    Despite these possible ill omens we went back the next day and had nothing unusual to report.

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