Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Sinkholes and Pageviews

Sinkholes are becoming an increasing problem worldwide.  This example from Cornwall is one of the most impressive and terrifying, opening up directly outside a house.  Apparently it reaches water at 300 feet but could be 'four or five times' deeper.  From the latest issue of Subterranea Britannica's Subterranea and via BLDGBLOG.

Another recent one opened up in Greenwich and almost swallowed a car.  See here.

This week the number of page views for this blog exceeded 100,000.  The most read post is the one about Subterranean Selfridges, but for some reason the Golden Ram of Satan is also proving very popular at the moment;  I know there is very little information about it online apart from my post.  Another much-read item is about a talk on Paul Raymond, but it may just be because of the picture.

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