Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Review in Fortean Times

Secret Tunnels of England: Folklore & Fact has been reviewed in the July issue of Fortean Times (no.342, p.61).   The reviewer Steve Marshall gives it 8 out of 10 and comments:

'Illustrated and highly readable, Secret Tunnels of England ends with an afterword by Fortean Times's Gary Lachman on why we are so fascinated by secret tunnels and other subterranean spaces.  Citing Plato, Jung and David Lewis-Williams, he considers the psychological and religious aspects of tunnels, bringing the book to a satisfying conclusion.'

Still available from the outlets listed in previous posts.  I shall also have copies for sale at a discounted price on the Hogarth walk in July (only a couple of places left).

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Unknown said...

Dear Anthony thank you for your generous review of my book Mentored by a Madman; The William Burroughs Experiment and providing fact to our student rumour of the London Hospital, Whitechapel tube Brick Lane tunnel. I plead not guilty to confusing the Midland and the North Eastern London hubs however. My journey south as a teenager was from Leeds not my home town of Liverpool. Viva the Fortean TImes Vb Andrew Lees