Thursday, 10 June 2010


There seems to be quite a lot of old music mentioned here, so let me recommend a new cd, actually I'm not sure if it's released until the late summer. 'Celeste' by The Soundcarriers is their second album, the first 'Harmonium' was great and this is possibly greater. Think The Free Design, Stereolab, lots of 60s psychedelic groups, I even hear Lush in the harmonies. This one is much freer and far out than their debut and all the better for it - definitely 'groovy'. Saw them live last year at Heaven supporting White Denim - unfortunately the exquisite harmonies on the record were not reproduced live as the girl on keyboards and vocals was out of tune throughout - a pity really as the bits where they didn't sing were impressive - my friend said it sounded like Quicksilver Messenger Service and I'll take his word for it. I was distinctly underwhelmed by the American White Denim who I had read were one of the greatest current live bands - their reheated John Spencer Blues Explosion act did nothing for us and we left for the Ship and Shovell after a few songs.

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