Friday, 6 August 2010

Rocket in my Pocket

To the Boogaloo Bar in Archway Road (close to Highgate tube) last night to attend the book launch for Rocket in my Pocket by Max Decharne, a history of rockabilly music; a cd is also available. It's not a genre of music I know much about and I haven't had time to read the book yet, but I was aware when I first started listening to The Fall and The Cramps that this type of early rock had been very influential on their music. I didn't recognise many people there apart from Mark Lamarr and Andy Weatherall, who was the dj for a while. Had another interesting chat with Cathi Unsworth. Lots of people I didn't know seemed to want to buy me drinks, which was nice. I was surprised to hear 'Jeepster' by T Rex until someone told me that it was the song that Marc Bolan had 'borrowed' for his hit single that was being played - probably 'You'll be Mine' by Howlin' Wolf. Although there was a 'lock-in' until 2.00am I made my excuses and left before midnight as I had work in the morning.

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