Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lanterns on the Lake

So much of my free time has been taken up finishing my new book that I have little time for anything else. That work is almost done, so posts should increase soon. Earlier this month I ventured into darkest Hoxton to see Lanterns on the Lake at Cargo, underneath the arches. Venue extremely full, so I stood at the side of the stage and had a very enjoyable experience. Surely, the most reverential and silent crowd I have witnessed in decades. I'm always complaining about how you can barely hear the music over the sound of chattering punters these days, but in this instance silence reigned, until about half-way through someone shouted out, 'What a band, what a fucking band!' There's some bowed guitar a la Sigur Ros and a definite resemblance to Mazzy Star at times, but the soundworld they create is enticing and hypnotic. Read a review here.

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