Sunday, 2 February 2014

William Burroughs Walk

The walk this Wednesday is fully booked.  Unfortunately a tube strike has been planned and it looks as if the rain will continue, although it may not be as heavy that night as it has been.  I had my doubts about doing it at this time of year, but it was important to mark the centenary.  Should be interesting.

I've since been informed of this site with details of similar events this year, including an unusual one in Greenwich this week which I probably won't be able to get to.

This site has been very useful in research for the walk.

The films that Burroughs made with Antony Balch can all be found on YouTube:

Towers Open Fire

The Cut Ups    still tough to watch even with the irritating rapid editing of modern media

Bill & Tony

Also a very popular exhibition of his photographs and collages at the Photographers Gallery just off Oxford Street.

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