Monday, 8 February 2016

Mail Rail and other underground matters

Welcome news that after years of 'mothballing' Mail Rail is to be used as part of the new Postal Museum planned to open next year, although it might have been better employed helping in some way to reduce the traffic on central London's congested roads, as it once did.   Some urban explorer material on it here courtesy of Bradley Garrett.

An incredible house for sale in Bridgnorth with its own cave - I'd love to live there.

A new edition of the classic work The Lost Rivers of London by Nicholas Barton (now assisted by Stephen Myers) will be published this month.  Artist Adam Dant explored the lost river Walbrook here.

A recent mention for me and my subterranean-themed books on the excellent BLDGBLOG, which covers the built environment in all its scientific, cultural, social and fantastic ramifications.   Also linked opposite.  The blog's creator Geoff Manaugh is also author of the stimulating BLDGBLOG Book.

Gary Lachman will be delivering a talk based on his essay for my Secret Tunnels of England book at an event in April; I will also be speaking, along with Fortean and folklore expert Scott Wood (who also contributed to my Folklore of London book).  Details here.

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