Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Coming Up

To Chichester last Sunday to see the John Minton exhibition at the excellent Pallant House Gallery.  Most of the best works from his tragically short career were on display, including his beautiful book covers for the likes of the influential publisher John Lehmann and best sellers such as Elizabeth David's A Book of Mediterranean Food (1950) and French Country Cooking (1951).  I had never seen the large-scale history paintings he produced at the end, but I thought these the least successful in the show - sadly he took his own life in 1957 aged 39.

I would love to have time to see more live music, but it isn't possible at the moment.  Just these for now:

Tuesday 10th October Meier Budjana Group (with Asaf Sirkis on drums and Jimmy Haslip bass) Jazz Hastings

Great show.  If you are interested in World Music, Prog and Jazz you should catch them on their tour. Amazing playing from all concerned.

Friday 13th October The Flaming Stars The Lexington, London

The support band Get Your Gun (from Aalborg in Denmark) were very good.  Sounds like Brendan Perry from Dead Can Dance singing over guitar from the school of My Bloody Valentine or Spiritualized.  Powerful and convincing.  More on them here.

Wednesday 25th October Public Service Broadcasting De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

Thursday 26th October Salon for the City with Sarah Wise and Kim Newman talking about (I hope) Quatermass and the Pit.

I shall be giving a folklore talk in London on Monday 23rd October.  Book here.  Copies of Netherwood and other books will be on sale.

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