Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Magickal Battle of Hastings

I'm very excited to be part of this event taking place in the Masonic Hall in St Leonards.  I shall be talking about Netherwood early in the evening, Matthew Shaw will be providing accompaniment to a short film and English Heretic will headline with a Boleskine-themed set (with film taken inside the now-ruined house).  It's likely that one or two others will be added to the bill - more to follow.

Some more information:

"Matthew Shaw is a Dorset based artist & poet, using landscape perception, site specific recording techniques and meditation as a compositional gateway. Exploring the theory that each piece could only happen within the exact place, time and atmosphere it is created. Working with present tense composition and the spirit of place, 'The last resort' will be performed for the first and only time on December 1st 2017. An imaginal sound work, channelling lost and recreated conversational fragments from Netherwood along with field recordings from the area as it sounds now."

Copies of Netherwood and Secret Tunnels of England will be on sale, together with recordings and merchandise for Matthew Shaw and English Heretic.

All for an entrance fee of a mere £6.00.

Welcome to 10666 Country!

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