Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Walks and Talks

A reminder that there are still places on the Paul Raymond talk at Westminster Reference Library on Friday 27th May; bookings are also being taken for Bill Bruford on 17th June.

The Decadent London walk on Thursday is now fully (over) booked. Because a tube strike was announced for that day I increased the numbers - then the strike was cancelled, but more people had already booked. I always reckon on a third not turning up, so it should be manageable. Apparently people are still trying to book and names have been taken, so I may have to do another one within the next month.

This blog is one year old - almost the only comment I've received was about a remark I made regarding the style of a certain writer - I won't put the name here again as I suspect it was posted by someone who spends all day trawling for mentions of his favourite author.

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Annie Mole said...

Hi Anthony - Not on topic, but I wanted to say I love your Subterranean City book and used it when I was co-researching One Stop Short of Barking - so what a delight to find your blog today through Stephen Walters comments on the new map he's been commissioned to do. Thanks also for putting me on your blog roll. I have returned the favour and added you to my rss reader.