Sunday, 5 February 2017

Decadent London

Yesterday I came across an excellent review from late last year of my apparently 'fabulous' book Decadent London.  It can be found here. More importantly, the reviewer, a regular visitor to our shores named Saxon Henry, used it as a guidebook for visiting sites associated with the artists and writers described therein.  I have done occasional Decadent London walks, but it's great to see the book being used in this way (a very limited early edition contained a route for such a walk along with some other home-produced ephemera).  An old review from the Independent on Sunday can still be found here and another online one here (yes, 'it's title and dust jacket' - depicting Alan Odle - see earlier post here) does 'set out to attract ignorant but respectable [?] readers who would like a vicarious thrill from reading about the antics of the more daring and talented folks in London a century ago.'  An interesting reference from Sotheby's here.

It would appear that it just about remains in print and can be bought on Amazon and can probably still be found in some real-world bookshops.  Maybe I should revise it and republish it myself at some point.


  1. Hi Antony: I definitely think you should revise and republish the book. It's an amazing resource, as you saw from the fact I mined it quite heavily for my literary adventure on The Diary of an Improvateur. Thank you for mentioning my post. Saxon Henry

  2. Thanks for your excellent post. I've added you to my blog list.

  3. Love it! Thanks so much, Antony!