Sunday, 3 December 2017

Netherwood Review

There's a very positive review of the new edition of Netherwood at Magonia here.  Magonia is also one of my list of links opposite.

The Magickal Battle of Hastings was very successful (despite zero coverage in local media - the Curse of Crowley?) and a similar event may be arranged in Hastings over the coming months.  Some stimulating chats with audience members in the breaks.  For example check out Paul Green's work here and Gareth E Rees here.

Netherwood is also available from the estimable Borough Wines in Robertson Street, Hastings.  See here.  On 22nd I saw a 'secret' gig by Faust in the basement - they run a very interesting events programme.

I also met some very stimulating people after the Salon on Thursday.  Celine Hispiche created a musical called Tiger Woman, about Betty May, another Crowley acolyte, which I haven't seen, but hope to one day.  Also Dr Matthew Green, who has also written about coffee houses and the history of London, here and here.

NB Owing to a clash of events at Burgh House, my talk on 'Tunnels Under Holborn' has had to be rescheduled to Thursday 5th April 2018.

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